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Programmed Business

All roles play their responsibilities in business automatically and where there is loss in efficiency, the management is informed instantly. VCA removes the human dependencies in your business in the best manner possible. After VCA, there is no waiting time in between work for employees and managers. For every wastage removed, there is a gain in efficiency.

Easy To Use Interface

VCA eases the work for each role by bringing different tasks from different processes running against hundreds of customers at a single place to perform in the most efficient manner. The bottom, middle and top tier, all use an easy to handle controller screen to manager the jobs in the most efficient way with their comfort.

Management Automation

Principles of business management have long been known and well established. VCA removes the human dependency over business management through decision & task automation and gives visual control for managing efficiency & solving bottlenecks of business in real time. VCA accomplishes automated management over ten areas of business control and management in your business.

Automated Pull System

True pull system is the latest in modern management concepts. VCA achieves true pull system for customers where businesses become easily accessible and they are able to demand (pull) products and services from a business in a way every customer wishes. Alignment to true pull system achieves higher productivity, lesser cycle times and faster business turnover rates.

Lean Automation

VCA aligns your organization towards lean practices automatically and binds top lean principles onto each value creation step in every business process execution. VCA removes the wastages in the processes and brings control towards efficient value creation in the business. VCA delivers higher asset turnover ratio and increase in profitability of the business.

Visual Control

VCA runs the complete operations efficiently as the stakeholders programmed and lets them know when deviations occur in real time. People in management ranks get Visual Control boards to manage their business, see real time performance and plan solutions to bottlenecks with real feed backing mechanism for right business decisions.