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Think Beyond ERP And CRM; Scale Your Business With Automation

ERP and CRM are fast getting obsolete and investing in them is a wastage in the current fast changing market. Value Creation Automation (VCA) is the most modern system available at your doorstep. Achieve your automation in this month with your custom business process and human touch points.

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Value Creation Automation (VCA) completely automates the operational activities within your business and continues to act as an ERP or a CRM. The price is competitive and you can implement it with defined Return on Investment target points.

VCA Is Currently The Best System To Combine The Power Of Automation With Full Capabilities Of ERP And CRM Customized For Your Business

Your business needs help with right control and guidance to attain success consistently. VCA provides your business with automated control over the direction of work in the long and short term to achieve consistent performance.

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Programmed Business

All roles play their responsibilities in business automatically and where there is loss in efficiency, the management is informed instantly. VCA removes the human dependencies in your business in the best manner possible. After VCA, there is no waiting time in between work for employees and managers. For every wastage removed, there is a gain in efficiency.

Easy To Use Interface

VCA eases the work for each role by bringing different tasks from different processes running against hundreds of customers at a single place to perform in the most efficient manner. The bottom, middle and top tier, all use an easy to handle controller screen to manager the jobs in the most efficient way with their comfort.

Management Automation

Principles of business management have long been known and well established. VCA removes the human dependency over business management through decision & task automation and gives visual control for managing efficiency & solving bottlenecks of business in real time. VCA accomplishes automated management over ten areas of business control and management in your business.

Automated Pull System

True pull system is the latest in modern management concepts. VCA achieves true pull system for customers where businesses become easily accessible and they are able to demand (pull) products and services from a business in a way every customer wishes. Alignment to true pull system achieves higher productivity, lesser cycle times and faster business turnover rates.

Lean Automation

VCA aligns your organization towards lean practices automatically and binds top lean principles onto each value creation step in every business process execution. VCA removes the wastages in the processes and brings control towards efficient value creation in the business. VCA delivers higher asset turnover ratio and increase in profitability of the business.

Visual Control

VCA runs the complete operations efficiently as the stakeholders programmed and lets them know when deviations occur in real time. People in management ranks get Visual Control boards to manage their business, see real time performance and plan solutions to bottlenecks with real feed backing mechanism for right business decisions.

Enquire Us For A Free Demo & Consultation For Your Business

Cordis implements VCA in your business the way you want it. The consultation combines a brief walkthrough on the latest management concepts and How VCA achieves them automatically for you. There is no obligation to proceed further if the idea do not impress your management.


Company Behind Value
Creation Automation

Cordis Technology is a pioneer in VCA technology and its foundation dates back in 2007 when an engineering team started Yewes Technologies in India. The company is now present at three locations; Dubai, Chicago and Bangalore, with its customers spread across all continents.

Manage Everything In One Place

Each customer service or sales process is a separate thread of execution. With VCA, you manage the communications and documents for each customer from single place. And so, when you are talking to your customer, you know exactly the background and what he would need.

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Seamless Access From All Devices

Seamless access from all devices
VCA is built over latest SOA platform and comes with the power of HTML5 in the frontend. VCA is integrable with all the SOA based frameworks and boasts of the lesser time to market for Native applications such as iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

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  • We listen to your current “As Is Process” and define a “To Be Process” with several human dependent tasks completely automated. The tasks where manual intervention are still required, are automatically assigned to the right role.

    Your business processes are engineered for automation. Engineered process contains all the details of the automated function with color codes. It represents exactly how many functions become automatic and where the human touch points are referred; their timings and cost controls are set during the engineering process itself.

  • The VCA Technology now automates the engineered processes to give visual control to the management personnel; and they can now govern the business and resolve bottlenecks in real-time whenever they see deviations happening in business.

    The engineered processes are fully automated along with human and machine touch points. VCA takes you beyond ERP & CRM and liberates the owners from operational activities and lets them focus on business growth and strategy. VCA gives the business owners, a new power to scale and grow their business.

  • Each department can be drilled into individual granularity levels to identify and resolve business bottlenecks in real time. VCA can pull any information in real time that you may need to run business smoothly.

    VCA gives the power to scale businesses by providing consolidated control mechanism across different departments and sectors inside the business. The owners or the CXO layers get a real time automatic control board to govern their business visually. They have the power to pull out any report that they wish in real time.

  • VCA enables the users to enquire on structured and unstructured business data when they want it and the way they want it. VCA is unique in linking the data with the operational activities and the timelines when they were received.

    VCA combines the power of centralized ERP systems with automation to bring the most intuitive audit and enquiry capabilities on historical, operational and business entity data. The technology presents you the real time snapshots of what happened during the execution; a capability that drives the business towards strategic goals.

  • How will it be, when a business gives you a visual feedback on its performance automatically on a single screen in real-time? VCA enables you with a real-time business monitoring on the live transactions and activities happening inside your business.

    Visual feed-backing sensitizes you of the business bottlenecks in the real time; so, you can intervene exactly when the problems start to occur and not when it has already caused the damage. VCA controls the business from ten management perspectives including Time, Cost, Quality, Communication and Risk and lets you know the exact location and responsible roles when deviation starts to appear.

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  • The world is fast changing and so are our customers. And we are becoming more and more customer oriented each day. Earlier, we thought it is impossible to automate a broking business; VCA is awesome for any business. It is fast changing the market dynamics. I fully recommend people to see it once before going for any software system.
    Akberali Somji / CEOProminent Insurance Brokers


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