VCA Business Software Ensures Low Investment High Returns

There’s no doubt that the continuously evolving technologies have pacified the heat of running business operations. But at the same time, the perpetually increasing operational costs continue to bother the business leaders across the world.

Amidst this age of technology, data and information, the competition is more intense for small and medium businesses. Large Enterprises can go for the available options such as the On-Premises ERP software and can somehow manage to survive the volatility of the market, but challenges grow manifold for the SMEs.

Keeping all such facts and challenges in the mind, the experts at Cordis Technology, has designed the VCA business software, which reduces the working capital requirement by a great extent and at the same time ensures a sound return-on-investment (ROI).

Value Creation Automation (VCA), an advanced business process management software puts SMEs as well as Large Enterprises at the same platform. It provides an equal opportunity to reap the benefits of technological solutions and explore the diverse growth opportunities without having to worry much about the working capital requirements.

VCA Business Software Ensures Low Investment High Returns

Understanding the Low Investment High Return Factors of VCA

The VCA business process management software is uniquely designed, which enables companies in reducing the working capital requirement as well as in making higher returns on investments. With its cost-saving factors and a flexible structure, the VCA business software is designed to beat many of the advanced ERP software.

Let’s see – How VCA supports in reducing the overall operational costs of companies as well as in gaining a sound return-on-investment (ROI).

This is a common belief that the business organizations need to set up a huge infrastructure to run the diverse operations. But with VCA, business leaders can think beyond the conventional boundaries. Be it the SMEs or be it the Large Enterprises

With 0% AMC, VCA is one of its kind. This is an advanced business software, which is designed to save the operational costs in multiple ways, boosting the revenue generation at the same time. Businesses, for long, have relied on the On-Premises ERP software, which involved huge costs as well as time in the installation, configuration, updates and upgrade. On the contrary, the VCA business software involves less time and money to get installed and configured.

  • With this advanced business software, companies no more have to bother about spending money in setting up huge office infrastructure. The best thing about VCA is that it supports desktops as well as the various electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. They neither have to build an in-house server nor do they need to pay the license fees. Even more, no investments are required in the installation of hardware and software or to build the server.
  • The complete business data is saved in the cloud and the entire business operation can be run, managed, scrutinized and controlled even using smartphones and tablets. These features support the functioning of businesses 24 x 7, from anywhere and at any time. With this, businesses can significantly boost their productivity as well as profitability. And at the same time, they do not have to invest in paper and other methods to secure the business data at different places.

Understanding the Low Investment High Return Factors of VCA

  • The integration of the entire business is another paramount feature, which supports in saving the operational costs. The VCA business software consists of a visual dashboard, which integrates process, people and all the diverse business functions into one single platform. The visual dashboard, which displays rep-time information of transactions, can be instantly viewed even on smartphones and tablets. The integration of the business creates an enhanced visibility and therefore, it becomes uncomplicated to manage and control resources.
  • Unlike the On-Premises ERP solutions, this advanced business software by Cordis Technology, can be subscribed on the Pay-Per-Use basis. Businesses no more need to sign a long-term contract. Moreover, with its flexible structure, VCA allow Owners and Directors to add and remove users as and when required according to the new process demands.
  • VCA is designed to support companies in the continuous evolvement, which makes it unique and gives an edge over many of the advanced ERP software. This business software application is based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, which supports automated upgrade and update without involving any extra cost. Moreover, it does not affect the day-to-day business functions as well.
  • Besides these factors, the automation of the entire business processes significantly supports companies in reducing the operational costs. It enables companies in completing tasks within the allocated time & resources and that too in one go. Moreover, VCA also automates the rote tasks and saves businesses from investing money and time on performing the same tasks every single day.
  • An improved analytics is another helpful feature that enables Owners and Directors in mitigating the business risks much in advance. The VCA business software incorporates the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which empowers the programmed software with the cognitive abilities. The programmed software can instantly analyze any given situation and respond to it exactly as a trained employee would do. Besides, it is also useful in understanding the overall business performance, which further supports in identifying and eliminating the problem areas.

Similarly, there are many other factors and features of VCA that makes it the most affordable business software. Especially, for small and medium enterprises, which faces common business challenges such as lack of budget, lack of customer’s support, lack of stakeholder’s confidence and many more, VCA can support them in adding stability to the overall performance. With optimized resources, the low capital investment required and an enhanced productivity & profitability, this cloud-based business software can support in developing holistically.

VCA is designed to support in understanding the changing pace of the market; the continuously changing technologies and trends; the perpetually changing behavior and preferences of customers. In short, the VCA business software supports companies in evolving continuously. These factors help businesses in the efficient management of both budget and time, resulting in the minimum resource wastage and a sound return-on-investment (ROI).

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