New Business Culture, Celebrating Power of Advanced Automation

Businesses around the world are witnessing an unprecedented change in technology. It has forced business leaders worldwide, to find an alternative to old-day application systems such as ERP and CRM. Increasing social media dominance, digitization, tech-savvy customers and continuous transformation in technology, demands businesses to play a multifaceted role to achieve sustained growth.

In prevailing market conditions, competition is getting steep and businesses, in order to survive, must deliver value that can win customers loyalty. Communication and information must be shared right on time and without fail. Understanding customer behavior, their changing preferences, delivering product and services on time, maintaining quality, economical price, transparency in customer related processes – are some of the many factors that convince a customer to be a regular buyer. After all, revenue generation plays a decisive role in defining success and growth for companies.

Traditional methods are no more acceptable for performing modern business functions. Even solutions such as ERP, BPM and CRM had its days of glory and business leaders do not want to rely on such old-day application systems anymore. Instead, they now want to explore potentials of new age automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA).

New Business Culture_ Celebrating Power of Advanced Automation

VCA is a technological solution, which is reliable. It has been carefully designed to solve entire modern-day business problems with advanced statistical tools and methods. Proven business approaches such as Six-Sigma and Lean production makes VCA a unique business solution, which can make processes efficient and support businesses in cutting operational costs.

Increasing business costs concerns business leaders worldwide. ERPs, CRMs or any other old-day business solution, add to companies operational costs. They are not adaptable to new process requirements and many leaders even complain that old-day solutions are difficult to be customized according to their preferences. These become strong reasons for businesses to look for advanced automation solutions such as VCA, which consists of a robust structure and holistic approach.

Businesses can rely on VCA for accurate performance of tasks and other relevant activities. Automated business platform has machines programmed to perform diverse business functions. Even activities such as making judgment and taking instant decisions in any urgent situation become a reality with VCA business solutions. With cognitive abilities becoming a reality, advanced automation enables programmed machines to perform various business functions like humans. In fact, in many cases, they perform better and more accurately than the human workforce.

Humans tend to make mistakes in processes and while performing production activities. And, rectifying such details would add to company operational costs. Value Creation Automation, an advanced business solution, reduce dependency on humans. It automates tasks that are repetitive in nature, leading to saving of costs incurred in performing such tasks. This play a significant role in reducing defects and errors.

Value Creation Automation, an advanced business solution

ERP, CRM or BPM did not have much to do with optimum resource utilization. They are meant to facilitate certain processes and does not solve entire business problems. On the contrary, advanced automation solutions enable businesses in identifying tasks and activities that add no value. Incorporating advanced business approach, VCA supports in optimum resource utilization with zero waste.

VCA technological solution, through its visual control kit, enables companies in monitoring entire business affair from a remote location. VCA’s visual dashboard records every single transaction and also furnish details in real-time. It further facilitates Directors and Managers in scrutinizing entire company resources and direct them towards achieving set goals. Communicating through emails, chats, voice calls, SMS, telephone calls and many more, converge at one platform.

Business leaders often complain that ERP, CRM or BPM solutions cannot integrate with each other. But, advanced automation automates various business functionalities and other aspects of management. From HR, finance to inventory and supply chain, every process is automated. Automated marketing helps businesses in building a personalized relationship with customers.  Inbuilt CRM, on other hand, supports in creating an engaging and interactive business platform.

Having integrated, human workforce, departments, raw materials, plans, strategies and other various company resources, advanced automation solutions such as VCA ensures a seamless workflow.

Old-day business solutions such as ERPs and CRMs has limitations, which make them inefficient to completely identify and eliminate problem areas. To some extent, it empowers Directors and Managers with analytical powers but is not pertinent to entire processes. Be it ERP facilitating free flow of information, CRM helping in maintaining customer database or BPM enabling in process optimization – VCA is one-stop for all such solutions.


Analyzing risk factors in entire processes and its mitigation becomes uncomplicated with implementation of advanced technological solutions such as VCA. Business leaders can even calculate entire costs incurred and also measure the level of profit achieved. From preparing business financial reports to suggesting ideas for expanding business line, advanced automation solution facilitates in efficiently perform entire tasks with utmost accuracy.

Designed to support businesses in performing consistently, VCA is worth exploring. Transcending boundaries of efficient production and sound profitability, VCA adds value to entire business processes delivering complete satisfaction to customers. Increasing customer retention and enhancing conversion optimization rate is one of the main goals of companies and with solutions such as VCA it can be achieved without any complexities. In short, advanced automation solutions are the new growth mantra, that can redefine success for businesses and can help them in being a brand in long run.

A new business culture introduced by solutions such as VCA is celebrating power of advanced automation. Various dimensions of growth are being explored by businesses and the workforce also awaits volley of opportunities that advanced automation is going to bring along. Enhancing the ability to deliver value, would enable businesses in establishing a healthy relationship with customers. And, this would mean, constant revenue generation and sustained business growth.

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