Value Creation Automation Finance: How it beats Zoho, Microsoft and Sage

The increasing number of businesses heading towards the usage of accounting solutions is no more a surprise. Lower staffing costs, increased transparency and higher efficiency in managing day-to-day finances are just a few of many benefits that come along with such software programs.

However, not all accounting solutions fulfill their promise of streamlining and enhancing financial operations. And not all software brands in the market are worthwhile. There is no doubt the market is led by a few renowned software providers, mainly specializing in ERPs with in-built Accounting modules. These include Microsoft, Sage and Zoho Books. But despite the strong brand image which prevails for all three and even more, the market competition is getting tougher. VCA (Value Creation Automation) Finance is one such market competitor, which is ranking high among accounting software providers across the world. This management and solutions company is turning heads with its unique AI-driven accounting and finance module – VCA Finance.

What Exactly is this VCA Finance?

VCA Finance is an automation module designed to help streamline accounting processes

According to the text-book definition, VCA Finance is an automation module designed to help streamline accounting processes, manage transactions and other day-to-day business finance activity with minimal human input. This program was created initially to give business owners complete control of their financial activities and enable them to manage entire processes through a single platform. But recently, the module underwent advancements and now comes with Artificial Intelligence platforms that provide greater and smarter functionality.

How is it different than Zoho, Microsoft and Sage?

We don’t need to brag or justify VCA Finance with non-factual information. The product has been deemed as an innovative technology which is setting in place a trend for service providers. Yes, we cannot argue that leaders such as a Microsoft and Sage have built a reputation over the decades, offering state-of-the-art accounting and finance modules. But the pattern was to be broken, through continuous innovation and technological developments.

If we were to shed light upon the key differentiators of VCA Finance and the rest (Zoho Books, Sage and Microsoft), Artificial Intelligence comes to surface. The developers of VCA Finance have spent over a decade on the structural integration and analytic information systems of the module. The need for information, its storage, accessibility and control has definitely changed in this era, pointing towards the need for highly advanced automated mechanisms which integrate robotics and intelligence.

VCA Finance – it’s all about transactions

highly advanced automated mechanisms which integrate robotics and intelligence

When you think of an accounting solution, you think of a software which calculates computes and manages your financial data on a unified platform. Microsoft and Zoho, so far, have managed to provide outstanding results on this front. Invoicing, billing, bank reconciliation and even cashflow are some of the common tools found on these modules. But the requirement for manual input still prevails.

If you had to dig up a certain transaction, which occurred between your business and a client, on a specific date, you may have to sift through more than one databases. Now if we change the scenario, imagine you have customer profile, complete with entire transaction history, pending payments, work in progress, request and communication all stored on a single thread, would it help your business?

Artificial Intelligence for Accounting

Accounting may be based on a combination of simple and complex computations and management of data. With a system such as Microsoft and Sage to take care of these, the problem may seem resolved. But the system is designed to tackle and manage such procedures. What it is not designed for is intelligently managing data without manual support. This is something you will only find in VCA Finance.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing automation solutions, but only a few are following this niche. VCA Finance is built around AI to make it smarter and faster than the rest. The system can systematically identify different types of financial data, calculate and archive, send and retrieve, and more without human effort. The module operates on two main fronts, one for your business and one you’re your customers/clients. If any incoming transaction is identified, VCA Finance will correctly add it accounts, update all reports and provide real-time notifications.

But this isn’t all that there is. Each profile contains information added by the customer or your employee or the system, in real-time. Which means, customers can make direct payments on your accounting system from an external front, and the system will take this transaction information, update relevant accounts and show the difference on balance sheets in real-time.

It is affordable and cloud-based

VCA Finance is affordable as compare to all other competitors in the market

Yes, VCA Finance is affordable as compare to all other competitors in the market. The developers of VCA focus on one shared vision, to help businesses and customers and serve their interest. Unlike competitors, VCA Finance can be implemented on the base of a user-fee. The more number of users you have, the more you pay. But this amount is nothing compared to the high installation and hardware costs that others require.

With VCA Finance, you don’t capital investment. The program is cloud-based, which means you only need to purchase log-ins for your workers. They can simply log-in, create accounts and manage entire financial activity online and remotely from any corner of the globe.


Understandably, brand names go a long way, but functionality and reliability go even further. If you are looking for a finance or accounting solution which can take care of your business tasks, take your time evaluating all choices and products out there. Your investment should go a long way and fulfill its promise of providing.

VCA Finance is setting the bar high for innovation and technology, especially in the field of automation. Small business owners, especially new entries in the market may find it hard to invest in solutions and hardware on a small budget. VCA Finance can be a savior, being affordable and more effective.

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